Original BESM Characters

Original BESM Characters

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Amanda Parkinsly/Sailor Hibiki: By far my favorite character of those I have used in role-playing games of any type, Amanda Parkinsly/Sailor Hibiki was originally created for The Sailor Moon Role-playing Game (see The Sailor Moon RPG Site for details), which is heavily based in the long-running magical girl genre which has enjoyed immense popularity in anime. Her "mundane" identity is Amanda "Beckini" Parkinsly, the world's first famous bald female model; as a senshi, she uses the element of sound (particularly loud sound) to fight evil. Included here is a BESM version of Sailor Hibiki's character sheet. While these details are specific to the Sailor Moon universe, this character can be modified for a more generalized Magical Girl campaign. (See HibikiWeb for more detailed information about this character.)

Aval Wolf: This 22-year-old black bad guy has the ability to control lava, including volcanic eruptions. He also has four flunkies, teenage girls who swoon over him and do his bidding, including stealing money, jewels, and anything else of value. However, he exists only as long as the shrine in a small cave near his home remains intact. This character also demonstrates the Source of Power defect.

Bibli O. Teq: This 27-year-old espionage/counter-terrorism agent with the super-secret CounterTerrorism Agency helps to protect the United States in this modern era in which various overt and covert groups attempt to harm America and its citizens - both at home and across the planet. However, Bibli is very engrossed in books, especially old manuscripts. This character is largely inspired by Yumiko Readman, the main character of the very bizarre but very good three-episode OAV Read or Die!

Crystaline: The first character I created specifically for BESM, "Crystaline" (Crystal Lyn Cannon) is an American now living in rural Japan, where she spends the bulk of her time writing SF, occult, and "alternative" short stories, articles, and novels. Her "free time" is spent eliminating evil - either when she senses evil nearby, or when called upon by those she knows. Her home is guarded by Ai, who occasionally accompanies her on her eradication missions. Crystaline is a character best used in a supernatural action genre campaign. Also available is a slightly-modified version of the Crystaline character sheet using the 20-page character sheet from the BESM Character Diary. (The original concept for Crystaline was generated from the image on page 7 of BESM second edition.)

Hunter: Erik Hunter (who prefers simply "Hunter") is a Searcher, an independent who is hired for retrievals, deliveries, guarding duties, etc., of all types. Due to the nature of the work he does, Hunter is very good at keeping secrets... and the secrets he could tell would topple governments!!! With his cybernetic enhancements, Hunter would be a good asset in a Hero Team, semi-Mecha, or Space Opera campaign.

Kenji Asanaka: For a BESM campaign involving the infamous Dirty Pair (Kei and Yuri), Kenji is a WWWA agent who has had several encounters with the destructive duo. He primarily works solo, and has his own spacecraft (granted to him by WWWA), Dark Crystal.

Mitchel "Mitch" Sangren: Mitch is a 29-year-old "father," having adopted family friend Asa after the death of their parents in a boating accident. Mitch is insanely rich (and has his own private jet which he uses often), having made tremendous money in the Internet world before the 2000 Internet collapse, but he rarely ever shows it away from the mansion. Mitch would be a good character to use in a modern-day or near-future campaign featuring technology and/or the Internet in some way (perhaps in the Weird Conspiracy genre); as such, a person with such knowledge would be best to play Mitch. Note that Asa is intended as such a minor character in a campaign that no character sheet is provided for her; she is "controlled" jointly by the person playing Mitch and by the GM.

Morpha: This character is an alien now on Earth following the crash-landing of her small craft. A member of the Expansion Forces - Advance Scout Team, Morpha and her companion telepathic cat Sya are charged with trying to find a viable planet for the relocation of her race. Morpha and Sya are the only survivors of the crash-landing, and now must try to survive until help arrives... if ever. Fortunately for Morpha, she can transform herself to imitate any "intelligent" (i.e., Human) form.

Nana Asahayashi/Night Shadow: This 15-year-old schoolgirl by day becomes the Night Shadow when the sun sets, fighting crime and evil. Yet this character is a little different from the typical Magical Girl heroine: She carries a gun!!! Her history is also quite troubled: Her older sister Nozomi was kidnapped, raped, tortured, and murdered... and this is the main reason Nana fights cime and evil.

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