BESM Mecha

BESM Mecha

[Image of a typical anime mecha]Mecha have a large presence in anime: The Gundam series, Sailor Victory, Bubblegum Crisis and Bubblegum Crash, Battle Angel/Gunnm, Robotech/Macross, Voltron: Defender of the Universe, Speed Racer, the Patlabor series, Ghost in the Shell, and countless other anime titles either feature mecha or allow mecha prominent screen time and narrative importance.

In the Big Eyes, Small Mouth system, "mecha" comprises everything from massive robots to cyborgs to the standard car... even B-ko's unlimited-arsenal monokini-style hardsuit counts as mecha. Listed here are some mecha which may be useful as templates for other mecha designs.

Note on BESM Mecha Creation
A BESM Character Diary was recently released!!!!! Its most impressive feature is the massive, 20-page character sheet. The "Mecha Description" section lists all the mecha-only attributes and defects, as well as specialized segments for forcefields. The Special/Weapon Attacks section (including all the weapon/special attack attributes and defects listed in the second edition) also designates which weapons/special attacks are attributed to the character and to mecha. Creating mecha using the 20-page character sheet is far less complicated than using the character sheet provided at the back of BESM second edition, which does not list details.

Asteroid Mining Suit: Already, scientists are wondering about the possibility of mining asteroids. This mecha sheet provides a means of achieving that end. The Asteroid Mining Suit presented here was conceived as part of a team; the pilot operating this suit would be the team leader, doing the actual cutting with the forehead-mounted cutting laser, while 2-4 others in less-developped spacesuits would gather and transport the material/ore back to a nearby base or craft.

[Image of the creation of GallyCity Bus: Those who have played the PlayStation 2 game Midnight Club: Street Racing are already quite familiar with the near-indestructability of the city bus. This mecha sheet uses the busses in Midnight Club as a "template," adding the potential for a smokescreen attack. The city bus presented here is listed as holding a maximum of 50 passengers, but - as anyone who has lived in a major metropolitan area knows - far more than 50 people can be packed into a typical city bus... especially on Wall Street immediately after the markets close for the day. With modifications, the City Bus sheet presented here can also be used in futuristic campaigns, as there will always be a need for mass transportation in large metropolitan areas... however, if characters or NPCs need to use a City Bus as an attack vehicle, there may be something flawed in the campaign design.

Cyborg: Cyborgs are prominent in anime; two of the most familiar anime cyborgs are Gally from Battle Angel/Gunnm, and Major Kusinagi from Ghost in the Shell. This is the same as the character sheet for Erik Hunter.

Motor Scooter: In some areas of the world, teenagers and young adults often commute via motor scooter. This mecha fits quite well with a contemporary urban or suburban setting.

Private Jet: With the huge Internet boom in the United States in the late 1990s, some spent their newfound money on private planes. This provides such an example.

Spacecraft: Originally designed for a campaign based in the Dirty Pair universe, this mecha demonstrates a possibility for spacecraft design within the BESM system.

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