BESM Character Sheet: Crystaline


Character Name: Crystal Lyn Cannon ("Crystaline")
Character Points: 50+3
Skill Points: 40
Race: Human ("white")
Occupation: Writer; eliminates evil in "spare time"
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Character Description:
  • Black hair down to lower back, big hazel eyes, small wolf tattoo on lower back, crescent-moon earrings, black nails kept relatively short
  • Rarely wears anything "revealing;"
  • Wears almost exclusively black clothing and silver jewelry
Other Notes and Details:
  • Lives alone in two-level home in rural Japan, southwest of Tokyo.
  • House separated from prying eyes by thick forest and hills; large lake as "backyard."
  • Telepathic wolf Ai protects home
  • Writes science-fiction, occult, and "alternative" articles and novels and short stories
  • Member of gun club (training, lectures, competitions, etc.)
  • Commutes as necessary with Astra
[Image of Crystaline]

Body 5
Mind 8
Soul 9
Health 70
Energy 85
Shock 14

Combat Values Normal Special/Notes
Attack Combat Value 8  
Defense Combat Value 6  

Normal Attributes:
Attribute Lvl Pt Cost Notes/Description
Appearance 2 1/2 Quite beautiful
Gun Bunny 2 1/2 Dead-eye, steady hand (reduce penalties by 3 when moving or doing stunts)
Heightened Awareness 1 1/2 +1 Body/Mind sensory rolls
Personal Gear 1 1/1 1 major, 4 minor items (all minor items in backpack)
MAJOR: Motor scooter (Astra)
MINOR: First aid kit, bullets, Swiss Army knife, pocket mirror
Servant 2 1/2 Telepathic wolf Ai

Skill Lvl Pt Cost Notes/Description
Animal Training 3 1/3 +3 Soul stat (canine specialty)
Cultural Arts 6 3/18 Occultism; +6 Mind
Gun Combat 2 3/6 Pistol (Kahr P-9); +2 ACV
Linguistics 1 1/1 Specialty Japanese; +1 Mind
Thrown Weapons 4 3/12 Ofuda; +4 ACV

Special Attribute:
Special Attribute Lvl Pt Cost Notes/Description
Magic 4 4/16 40 Magic Points (denoted with "M")
Own Big Mecha 1 1/1 Motor scooter; 5 Mech Points
Place of Power 3 1/3 Room in upper level of home; provides 45EP
Reincarnation 1 3/3 Slow reincarnation (based upon personal beliefs)
Weapon Attack 1 4/4 Kahr P-9; 15 damage; concealable, limited shots (6)
Animal Friendship 2 1/2 M +1 Soul check; +1 Level of Animal Training
Astral Projection 1 3/3 M Astral body moves at normal speed
Divine Relationship 1 1/1 M Reroll any 1 dice per session due to closeness with Kannon
Environmental Control/Weather 2 1/2 M Control of wind
Exorcism 2 1/2 M +1 Soul stat; -1 opponent penalty; drains 5EP from target
Forcefield (Shielding) 1 3/3 M Block incorporeal, limited (astral only); stops 15 damage
Healing 1 4/4 M Heal up to 20HP at 2HP/min (10 min max)
Illusion 1 2/2 M Create small illusions, sight-only
Item of Power 1 2/2 M Always carries 10 ofuda
Item of Power 1 2/2 M Pentacle necklace; damage 5 if touches or touched by evil entities
Mind Shield 2 1/2 M +2 Mind/Soul stat to resist mental attacks
Precognition 1 2/2 M Occasional visions via divination
Sixth Sense 4 1/4 M Detect evil, detect magic, empathy, sense spirits
Special Defense 1 1/1 M Receive only 1/2-damage from magic-based attacks
Spirit Ward 3 1/3 M Ofuda; 15 damage; pass at -3 penalty
Stealth 2 1/2 M Works vs. opponents’ Sixth Sense; detect at -2 penalty
Telepathy 2 1/2 M Known to work only with Ai

Normal Defects:
Defect Bonus Pts Notes/Description
Attack Restriction 2 Mundane Humans
Skeleton in the Closet 2 Wiccan (this defect is primarily based upon general cultural sensibilities; individual PCs and NPCs may react differently)
Unique 1 Barely aware of own beauty

Special Defects:
Special Defect Bonus Pts Notes/Description
Magical Restriction 1 Not as effective if stray from Wiccan Path

Mecha Name: Astra (motor scooter, nickname)
Owner(s): Crystaline
Manufacturer: Yamaha
Description: Black

  Normal Special/Notes
Armor 5  
Health 40  
Energy N/A  
Attack Combat Value Rider  
Defense Combat Value Rider  

Mecha Attribute Lvl Pt Cost Notes/Description
Ground Speed 1 2 Max 35MPH/50KPH
Light Armor 2 2 -5 received damage
Maneuver Bonus 2 2 +1 Initiative; +1 DCV
Place of Power 1 1 Provides 15EP to attuned riders only (usually Crystaline)

Mecha Defects:
Mecha Defect Bonus Pts Notes/Description
Exposed Occupants 2  
Noisy 1  
Mutual Damage 1 Pilot suffers 1/5-damage for all damage received by scooter
Restricted Ground Movement 1 Road-based (extremely limited off-road abilities; primarily only grassy areas)

Ai - female telepathic wolf, protects home

Character Points: 10
Mind: 1
Body: 1
Soul: 4
HP: 25
EP: 25
Attributes: Incorporeal 4 (switch between solid and incorporeal form at will)

Special Note: Crystaline is based upon the picture on page 7 of the second edition of Big Eyes, Small Mouth (see above)

Also available is the 20-page BESM Character Diary version of Crystaline

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