BESM Character Sheet: Morpha


Character Name: Morpha
  • Character: 50+3 (1 remaining)
  • Skill: 20 (3 remaining)
  • Bonus: 13
Race: Alien (crash-landed in southern Arizona desert)
Occupation: Expansion Forces — Advance Scout Team
Age: Human: Variable; Alien: 463
Sex: Human: Variable; Alien: Female
Height: Variable
Weight: Ranges from 110-150 lbs.

  Current Max. Notes
Body   10 Temporarily 5 when adapting to a new form
Mind   6  
Soul   5  
Health Points   75 Unaffected when adapting to a new form
Energy Points   55 Unaffected when adapting to a new form
Shock Value   15 Unaffected when adapting to a new form
Attack Combat Value 7   +1 ACV when using Eye Sighter with Z7
Defense Combat Value 7    

Normal Attribute Lvl Pt Cost Notes
Animal Friendship 2 1/2 +1 Soul Check; +1 Animal Training
Specifically applies to cats
Art of Distraction 6 1/6 Affects very large crowd by morphing in public (rarely used)
Extra Attacks 1 4/4 2 total attacks and defenses per round
Gun Bunny 1 1/1 Dead Eye (technological enhancement due to Eye Sighter)
Massive Damage 3 2/6 +15 damage
Organizational Ties 1 1/1 Expansion Forces
Personal Gear 1 1/1 1 Major, 4 Minor items
Major: Z7 Pistol (alien weapon)
Minor: 2 Z7 Chargers (20 shots each); 2 TBA
Unique (Eye Sighter) 2 2/4 For Z7 ONLY, technological link between eyes and pistol allow optimized targeting; +1 ACV; sighter also indicates range to target
Weapon Attack: Z7 laser pistol - -/- 30 damage; concealable; limited shots (20 per charger), short range (25m); acquired via Personal Gear

Normal Skill Lvl Pt Cost Specializations and Notes
Animal Training 1 -/- Cats
Controlled Breathing 1 3/3 Slow Heart Rate
Stealth 2 5/10 Concealment

Combat Skill Lvl Pt Cost Specializations and Notes
Gun Combat 1 4/4 Pistol (Z7 laser pistol)

Special Attribute Lvl Pt Cost Notes
Forcefield (Technological Shield) 1 2/2 Shield only, about 1m radius; generated by wristband on right wrist; stops 30 damage
Metamorphosis 1 5/5 Change up to 5 Character/Bonus Points
Servant 4 1/4 Cat (Sya), 20 Character Points (2 remaining)
Size Change 1 2/2 25% increase/decrease in size; +2/-1 damage on muscle-based attacks
Telepathy 6 1/6 Full abilities with Sya only

Normal Defects Pts Notes
Awkward 1 Needs to adapt to each new form or to a form not used recently (in past few days); takes 3-5 rounds to fully adapt
Marked 2 Alien form
Owned by Megacorp 2 Total control by Expansion Forces
Phobia 2 (1 each) Lightning (has never experienced lightning), chocolate (brings about involuntary physical change to a new form)
Red Tape 2 Massive reports and briefings associated with each mission
Skeleton in the Closet 2 Alien

Special Defects Pts Notes
Involuntary Physical Change 2 Changes to form identical with first "intelligent" being seen upon eating anything containing chocolate


Attacks or Weapons
  Attack or Weapon #1
Attack or Weapon Name Z7 Laser Pistol (alien weapon)
Damage 30
Used by Character or Mecha Character
Attack or Weapon Attributes Concealable
Attack or Weapon Defects Limited Shots (20 shots per charger)
Short Range (25m)
Attack or Weapon Description Releases single short burst of laserfire; 20 shots per charger; Eye Sighter technology allows Morpha to have targeter and distance to target imprinted on her retinas, but the physical print is so small that it is virtually unnoticeable by anyone else not specifically looking at her retinas using image-enhancing devices


Character Role-playing Details
Character Description
  • Hair Color: Variable (depending on form imitated)
  • Eye Color: Variable (depending on form imitated)
  • Blood Type: Unknown (alien)
  • Skin Tone: Variable (depending on form imitated)
  • Distinguishing Marks: Variable (depending on form imitated)
  • Physical Description: Variable (depending on form imitated)
Personality Profile
  • Age: Human: Variable; Alien: 463
  • Birthplace: Colony 45G73
  • Favorite Food: Octopus
  • Favorite Color: Black
  • Favorite Place: Space
  • Least Favorite Food: Chocolate
  • Least Favorite Chore: KP Duty
  • Least Favorite Place: Colony 45G73 (too damn crowded!!!!!)
  • Personality Traits: Quiet, introspective, creative
  • Strengths: Good shooter
  • Weaknesses: Sometimes relies too much on telepathy with Sya, putting Sya into great danger
  • Friends and Allies: Sya (only other survivor of crash)
  • Romantic Interests: None
Philosophy and Ideals
  • Thoughts on Law and Order: Respects military-style organizations and personnel, but a bit unsatisfied with being a member of the Advance Scout Team
  • Thoughts on Responsibility and Obligation: Not happy with job, but will always do it the best she can
  • Thoughts on Love and Romance: Foreign to her culture
  • Mother’s Name and Description: Unknown
  • Father’s Name and Description: Unknown
  • Siblings’ Names and Descriptions: Unknown
Character History
  • Events of Note: Joined Expansion Forces specifically to get off Colony 45G73 because the floating colony was far too crowded; assigned to Advance Scout Team to try to find viable planets for race to live
  • Relationships of Note: Fully telepathic with Sya (servant cat), including transmitting images telepathically and "seeing through each other’s eyes"
Future Plans
  • Short-term Goals and Aspirations: Survive on Earth until help can arrive (if at all)
  • Long-term Goals and Aspirations: Return to own race

Friends Notes
Sya Telepathic servant cat


  Character Stats: Sya (Cat Servant to Morpha)
Character Name: Sya
Character Points: 25
Skill Points: 0
Race: Cat
Occupation: Servant/companion to Morpha
Sex: Female
Other Notes and Details: Telepathic abilities work only with Morpha
Body 3
Mind 5
Soul 5
Health 30
Energy 30
Shock 8

Combat Values Normal
Attack Combat Value 3
Defense Combat Value 3

Normal Attributes:
Attribute Lvl Pt Cost Notes/Description
Appearance 1 1/1 Cute
Extra Arms 2 1/2 4 appendages
Heightened Senses 1 1/1 Sight
Hightened Awareness 2 1/2 +4 sensory checks
Natural Weapons 1 1/1 Claws
Organizational Ties 1 1/1 Expansion Forces — Advance Scout Team
Sixth Sense 2 1/2 Sense evil and spirits
Telepathy 6 1/6 Full abilities with Morpha

Defect Bonus Pts Notes/Description
Cannot Talk 1 No real verbal language (uses telepathy with Morpha)
Inept Combat 1 -1 CV
Not So Fast 2 -4 for speed/agility
Not So Strong 2 -4 for physical strength
Not So Tough 1 -10HP
Unique: Less Energy 2 -20EP
Unskilled 2 -20 Skill Points


Special Notes
Morpha’s race was forced from their home star system due to an impending stellar explosion, and has since been living on massive starships now converted to floating colonies due to lack of propulsion fuels. Morpha herself was born on Colony 45G73.

At age 349, Morpha joined the Expansion Forces, a military branch charged with trying to find via planets for relocation, specifically to get away from Colony 45G3. In training, she was bonded and trained in telepathy with Sya, a companion cat.

On their most recent mission, Morpha and Sya joined several dozen crewmates on a mission to explore the Sol system for a viable planet for relocation. An electromagnetic flare caused by a sunstorm paralyzed the small craft’s engines, causing it to eventually crash-land in the desert near Tucson on a hot summer night. Morpha and Sya were the only survivors, and now must try to survive on Earth until help can arrive.

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