Chaton is a role-playing campaign using the second-edition BESM series rules and guidelines (including some of the suggested modifications posted on this site). This is an original campaign which is not based in any anime, although good knowledge of the X-Files series and other alien invasion films and series may assist the GM in preparing adventures for the campaign.

The premise of Chaton is that the main characters (the players) are all first-year students at Chaton College in Chaton, North Dakota (USA). This has long been an all-female college, and is now admitting male students for the first time, so most of the characters (PCs and NPCs) in this campaign will be female... or will at least appear to be Human females. Prior to arriving for Orientation Week (during or just after character creation, with each player meeting individually with the GM), each of the main characters will have been "granted" an alien power. At the beginning of Orientation Week (the first group gaming session), the main characters will finally meet each other, and will also learn about their powers and their unwitting involvement in an ongoing mission to protect the planet.

During the course of the academic year, the main characters will be dealing with the standard transition to college life (use of free time, little supervision, sports, dating, etc.) as well as the protection of Earth against testing by a second alien race. The nature of the testing and the parameters surrounding the alien races are left entirely to the GM, allowing for an infinite range of creative possibilities. Alien technology will almost certainly drive the Chaton campaign, but should not be the main focus beyond the initial individual and collective gaming sessions (when the main characters are learning about their new powers).

Note: This campaign is especially appropriate for real-world first-year college/university students. In my experience, those involved in role-playing games often find each other rather quickly in any environment, so starting the Chaton campaign shortly after the beginning of classes will be quite fitting for the group. Additionally, the GM of such a campaign can better tailor the events to more closely match what the group is actually experiencing in their first year of high education.

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