What is PanzerWars? How does it relate to BESM?

[Image: Doris sitting (panty shot)]I recently acquired the entire D4 Princess anime series (24 episodes), which revolves around the coming-of-age adventures of Doris Ruridou, a thirteen-year-old princess (who gives a lot of fan service for her age) now living in the "real world" for the first time at a boarding school, and her triumphs and challenges in becoming a Panzer. As I watched the humorously unusual series, several things appealed to me: the magical girl element, the intense and unusual battles, the focus on the everyday things surrounding the action in Central Stadium, and the odd-but-effective fan service elements (including Doris' occasional Tita-esque boingy-boingy). As I made my way through the series, I began to realize that this could provide a great role-playing opportunity, and I knew that the Big Eyes, Small Mouth gaming system could be modified fairly easily to be fairly true to the Panzer battles shown in D4 Princess. Thus, this sub-site is dedicated to Panzer battles: character creation, stadium set-ups, BESM rule modifications, etc. These battles can be collectively known as PanzerWars, and can be either all-battles-all-the-time, or be a full-blown campaign with significant role-playing opportunities between Panzer battles or tournaments.

What is a Panzer?
(Taken verbatim from the Odyssey Anime fansub version of D4 Princess, this explanation begins each episode of the series.)

It is a person with an armor imbued with several abilities, called a "Jyukou," who fights with a weapon referred to as a "tool." It is a person of great talent and ability. Some Panzers can change their appearance at will, while others must save up their energy to change later; and those who cannot wield heavy, powerful weapons can be distorted for a limited amount of time. Usually the "Jyukou" and the "tool" are bonded within the Panzers; therefore, they cannot be seen by the naked eye. Also, "Jyukou" and "tools" are given only to those who have trained themselves. However, nowadays, having special abilities has come to be the trend in our society, and more people are training for "Jyokou" and "tools." There is even a beginners kit being sold. The population of the Panzers is increasing, and in a big city like Teito, one out of ten people are Panzers, including the beginners. One out of every ten people is a Panzer!

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