Review - Ultimate Fan Guide: Serial Experiements Lain

Review - Ultimate Fan Guide: Serial Experiments Lain

Ultimate Fan Guide: Serial Experiments LainThe Ultimate Fan Guide for Serial Experiments Lain is visually excellent, and wonderful for detailed synopses of the thirteen episodes of the series. Many of the hidden secrets of the series, especially the intertext with several Apple products, are highlighted, which is somewhat interesting but really only worth knowing for an anime-based version of the Jeopardy! television game show.

The main reason I bought this Ultimate Fan Guide was its advertised links with the Big Eyes Small Mouth multi-genre anime role-playing system, also published by The Guardians of Order. Unfortunately, there is really rather little related information presented here. Of good use is the list of Appropriate Attributes and Appropriate Defects, as well as typical Mundane, Major, and Minor Items within the world of Serial Experiments Lain, but only two characters (Lain Iwakura and Massami Eiri) have been given BESM-based stats, and only three of the items in the series has similar BESM-based details. In fact, most of the BESM-related section of the book (the final twenty-plus pages) is filled not with information, but with sketches of characters, locations, and items from the Serial Experiments Lain series.

As eye candy or a source of obscure information for the Serial Experiments Lain series, this Ultimate Fan Guide is indeed a good buy. For those truly interested in using the series' "world" in a role-playing campaign, however, this Ultimate Fan Guide is really just a waste of money.

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