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New Character: Bibli O. Teq

Major changes:
The Guardians of Order is shifting its focus to fan guides to supplement its Big Eyes, Small Mouth general-anime RPG series. One of the first Ultimate Fan Guides is for Serial Experiments Lain; read the review.

Published by The Guardians of Order, Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM) is an anime-based role-playing system with enormous potential. Now in its second edition, BESM is essentially a catch-all for anime-based role-playing games (RPGs): virtually every genre, adventure, and character type found in anime can be implemented with the BESM system, with original or pre-existing anime characters. Imagine Tuxedo Mask, Wedding Peach, AstroBoy, Sawa, Jiji, Lupin, MAICO, and Totoro all working together on a strange "backward" planet in a given RPG campaign!!! Of course, original characters generally work best in RPGs, but there is certainly no reason why original characters from different genres - perhaps an inept medieval knight, a snobby rich schoolgirl, a champion of interstellar races, a modern-day cleptomaniac, and a Deckard-style detective - cannot work together in an anime-based campaign.

The BESM system has definitely grown and flourished. The original run of the BESM sourcebook (1997) was only 96 pages long; the second edition (2000) is nearly triple the size of the first!!! Also, The Guardians of Order has published several other role-playing games (anime-based and otherwise) since 1997, so the second edition contains not only improvements and enhancements over the original, but also aspects of these other RPGs as well (primarily in attributes and defects). The latest BESM sourcebook also includes the information originally detailed in the original-BESM supplements Hot Rods and Gun Bunnies (which covered cars and weapons) and Big Robots, Cool Starships (which covered mecha), with some updated information.

This site contains information, example characters and mecha, potential modifications, etc., to help those starting with the BESM system, and to also inspire those who are already familiar with the system. Also available is the PanzerWars sub-site, which uses the BESM system.

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Note on BESM Mecha Creation
A BESM Character Diary was recently released!!!!! Its most impressive feature is the massive, 20-page character sheet. The "Mecha Description" section lists all the mecha-only attributes and defects, as well as specialized segments for forcefields. The Special/Weapon Attacks (including all the weapon/special attack attributes and defects listed in the second edition) also designates which weapons/special attacks are attributed to the character and to mecha. Creating mecha using the 20-page character sheet is far less complicated than using the character sheet provided at the back of BESM second edition.

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