Hurricane Live

Hurricane Live

[Image of Priss preparing for a concert] [Image of the Knight Sabers in concert] [Image of Vision performing for an American television appearance]

2032 and 2033 (DVD Suite)

Hurricane Live 2032 and 2033 (combined in the DVD Suite) are my favorite parts of the original Bubblegum Crisis series. Hurricane Live is essentially a collection of music videos based on the original Bubblegum Crisis series. Hurricane Live 2032 contains six videos, ending with new animation of the Knight Sabers performing as a rock group ("Touchdown to Tomorrow"). Hurricane Live 2033 contains seven videos, including two with live-action concert footage featuring the original voice actresses, and one ("Say Yes!") with a mix of live-action concert footage and video clips from Episode 7 of the BGC series. For those who want to relive all the action and excitement of the original Bubblegum Crisis series, Hurricane Live is a great buy :-)

On VHS, the two Hurricane Live segments are sold separately. The recently-released Bubblegum Crisis DVD Suite includes all thirteen videos on one DVD; the standalone DVD can also be purchased separately. Bubblegum Crisis: The Screen Saver also includes most of the Hurricane Live music videos as QuickTime movies. My personal preference is for the DVD version of Hurricane Live, as the subtitles can be turned off.

Hurricane Live 2032 Hurricane Live 2033
  1. Tokyo 2032 (original opening of Bubblegum Crisis series)
  2. There's a Hurricane Tonight*
  3. Mad Machine*
  4. Wild and Scared*
  5. Victory*
  6. Touchdown to Tomorrow*
  1. Touchdown to Tomorrow (live)
  2. Crisis - Run with Anger*
  3. Devil and Angel's Kiss
  4. Say Yes! (live/animation mix)*
  5. Soldier of Roses
  6. Rock Me
  7. Jumping Heart (live)
*Available as QuickTime clips and via Video Jukebox
on Bubblegum Crisis: The Screen Saver