Sailor Moon
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Without question, Sailor Moon is my favorite anime series. Sailor Moon is the foremost example of anime's ever-popular magical girl genre. Other popular examples of the magical girl genre (with some variations) include Magic Knight Rayearth, Mamono/Devil Hunter Yohko, and Card Captor Sakura.

I first discovered the Sailor Moon universe while studying in Paris in 1995. Since I did not have class one morning, I stayed home to see what was on French daytime TV, and found the children's program Club Dorothée, which showed Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z, and French cartoons between Dorothée's live segments with children in the studio. The first episode I saw was "Nightmare in Dreamland" ("Usagi to Rei taiketsu? Yume rando no akumu"), an early episode of the series at a Tokyo amuzement park, featuring Dream Dolly/Muurido as the "yoma du jour." Although I could not explain why at the time - and still cannot explain why even now - I was immediately hooked on Sailor Moon.

Fall 1995, I was back in the States. During the summer, I had learned that Sailor Moon would be shown on American TV in syndication. So for weeks, I would get up at inhuman hours to watch and tape it at 5:30AM on the dorm's public TV. Fortunately, I acquired a VCR a few weeks later, got an unused TV from home, and began taping from my dorm room while I slept, watching the episodes later in the day. I now have most of the Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R series (DIC dub) on tape, and I refer to them on occasion, both for amusement and for research. While the original DIC dub was inferior to the French version, the series still captivated me, despite the change in voice actors early in the series.

Fall 1999, when the Sailor Moon films were finally released in the States, I was able to acquire all three in the subtitled versions. It was my first chance to experience Sailor Moon in the original language and in unedited form :-) I cast aside all work the evening they arrived and revelled in the original Japanese, noting the changes from the DIC version. It was almost like being back in France, experiencing Sailor Moon for the very first time :-)

Spring 2000, after a long gaming hiatus, I decided to once again become involved with role-playing games. Having just learned of the Sailor Moon RPG published by The Guardians of Order, I ordered the main sourcebook, and my already-healthy interest in the series grew exponentially. For several months, I created various senshi, Knights, and yoma, and began working on several Sailor Moon adventures. These efforts paid off for me in Summer 2000, as I was able to run a Sailor Moon campaign at my summer job in New Mexico. Upon my return to Arizona in September, I created The Sailor Moon RPG Site, based in part on the adventures and characters from the Summer 2000 campaign. The following month, HibikiWeb came into existence, focusing on Amanda Parkinsly/Sailor Hibiki, my favorite character from the Summer 2000 campaign.

Since then, I have been able to acquire the entire Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars (final Japanese season) series, and it is by far the best part of the Sailor Moon universe (except perhaps the RPG). I have not seen the more than a few minutes of the Sailor Moon S and Sailor Moon Super S series on Cartoon Network, both because I have significant problems listening to the horrible dub, and because I no longer receive Cartoon Network :-(

Favorite Characters

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Rei Hino/Sailor Mars

One of the things I have always admired about Rei/Sailor Mars is her close religious connection, something I did not really have when I first fell in love with the series... although I somehow doubt she will be able to truly realize her goals of becoming both a head priestess and a pop idol. Perhaps because I have long had beliefs in the supernatural, I also admire her supernatural knowledge. Her quick temper is just perfect to keep Usagi/Sailor Moon in line, but can also wear rather thin at times.

Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn

I honestly do not know what attracts me to Hotaru. Perhaps it is that she is rather mysterious, even to the Inner and Outer Senshi. Perhaps it is the immense power (summoned unconsciously) in such a tiny package. Perhaps it is the juxtaposition of gentle, caring Hotaru with Sailor Saturn's fury.
[Image of Sailor Saturn]

[Image of Sailor Hibiki]
Amanda Parkinsly/Sailor Hibiki

By far, my favorite original character for The Sailor Moon Role-playing Game, Sailor Hibiki is a highly unusual senshi: She's bald. Even stranger, Amanda is a world-famous bald model!!! She is best known worldwide as "Beckini," a merging of her middle name with the bikini-laden swimwear photo shoot which initially made her famous. However, she wants to become a pop idol, and often auditions and performs - although her increasing modeling duties make performances more and more difficult to schedule. Amanda's element of power is sound; her best (or, depending on point of view, worst) attack is Sonic Scream. More detail on Amanda Parkinsly/Sailor Hibiki is available at The Sailor Moon RPG Site and at HibikiWeb.

Sailor Moon Recommendations
[Image of Usagi in silhouette]
  • Sailor Moon S film, subtitled: Luna wants to become Human to return the affections of a scientist who rescued her, an evil Ice Queen attempts again to freeze the Earth, and an astronaut discovers that a laughable legend actually is true. This is by far the best of the three Sailor Moon films.
  • The Sailor Moon Role-playing Game and Resource Book: Created within the Tri-Stat System used in Gardians of Order RPGs, this easy-to-learn role-playing system is highly flexible, allowing players to create their own original characters and/or play characters from the Sailor Moon series, films, and manga. Even those not interested in gaming will enjoy the images, in-depth character information, DIC-version season summaries and episode-by-episode details, background information on the series, and over 200 images from all five seasons of Sailor Moon.
  • Character Diaries: The Sailor Moon RPG sourcebook includes a single-page character sheet for each character type (senshi, Knight, and Negaverse/Dark Warrior). The character diaries each begin with a fourteen-page character sheet, tailored to each character type. In the Summer 2000 campaign, I found that by the time players created their characters with the fourteen-page sheets, they knew their characters extremely well. Character diaries are available separately for each character type, and include plenty of space for adventure notes, character thoughts, etc., as well as provide images from the Sailor Moon series.
  • eBay's Sailor Moon Collectibles Category: There is a tremendous amount of Sailor Moon merchandise available, especially on eBay. A number of people and anime shops even sell Sailor Moon import merchandise on eBay. This is the main category for anime collectibles; there is also a sub-category specific to Sailor Moon, but not all sellers correctly make use of it.
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