[Animation: One-time scrolling image of Sailor Hibiki] Sailor Hibiki has had several adventures, primarily working solo while traveling the world on her modeling assignments, but also with the Inner Senshi. Some of the more significant adventures will be made available here.



Summer 2000, Amanda "Beckini" Parkinsly was on assignment at a private resort on the Côte d’Azur, for a weeklong photo shoot for the prestigious British swimwear catalogue The Plunge. This exclusive location has a large contingent of on-site security personnel, with the latest in surveillance technology as well as some home-grown and theretofore uncompromised innovations, yet Beckini was still kidnapped and taken away from the resort at the end of the week into nearby Cannes without anyone knowing why nor how she was taken.

Beckini’s abductor, a famous fashion designer (name withheld) who had been present all week long to promote his newest creations and ensure the highest integrity of his swimwear line being modeled, also disappeared on the same night during an end-of-shoot bash. He has never been seen again. Similarly, several bodyguards and a large stray dog - who had all been seen repeatedly by workers, models, and crews alike - have since never been seen.

Amanda Parkinsly somehow lost consciousness — she cannot remember when, nor where she was at the time. When she regained consciousness, however, she was in a large cavern lit only by large torches lining the walls. Seven young women clad in black held swords at the ready, several Human-looking creatures and a dog stood nearby, and a young girl dressed in an all-black cloak sat upon a large throne. Amanda found herself laying on her back upon a large block of stone, with dozens of black-flamed candles surrounding her as they floated in midair. For a long time, she was immobile - only her eyes could move, but despite her incredible fear, she was able to use her Supernatural Abilities to gain information about her surroundings and the non-action of the others in the cavern.

"You are indeed beautiful," came the voice of an old, frail woman, yet the source of the voice seemed to come from the small girl. "…beautiful despite the hideous baldness. Yet that baldness belies your power as well. I can feel it."

A chill flashed from Amanda’s lower back throughout her body, giving her a sense of inner strength. The others in the room all stepped back as the girl approached. Once at Amanda’s side, she slowly morphed into the old, frail woman who had spoken moments before. "The Night Goddess needs people of your fame," she spoke slowly. "I need warriors to help to take control of this planet. The Negaverse was desperately mistaken in its method, and I must admit that, while I definitely could have used such strong allies as the Negaverse Warriors and their Queen Beryl, I am not heartbroken that those using such foolhardy plans were destroyed… by your allies."

All the torches along the walls suddenly blew out; the only source of light came from the black flames, allowing Amanda to see scant little other than the Night Goddess’ scarred and severely-wrinkled features. "But now, you shall be the one who truly advances our cause. You shall be the one who causes the people of Earth to submit to me."

With her hands held shakingly over the immobile young woman, the Night Goddess closed her eyes, looked upward, and began a long incantation. Yet as the incantation wore on, the chills from Amanda’s lower back grew stronger in their intensity and surged through her more and more often.

<<Calm your fears,>> sounded a soft, gentle, feminine voice in Amanda’s head. It was a voice she remembered having heard before… but not in this lifetime, and she could not place the voice. <<Open your heart.>>

With the speed and power of a tidal wave, another chill thundered through Amanda’s body from the lower back to the head and feet. The gasps of surprise from the black-clad young women and the dog and other Humans barely registered in Amanda’s mind as the incantation droned on and the sweet voice in her head simply whispered:

<<Even the secluded soul shall be pierced with my Light.>>

At that moment, the old woman’s arms bent downward and her hands pressed gently upon Amanda’s chest, directly over the heart. With a sudden, shrill shriek that pierced the air and echoed mercilessly off the walls of the cavern, the Night Goddess found herself bathed in a blinding silvery light and fell unceremoniously backward onto the cold stone floor of the cavern. The others all scurried toward the walls as quickly as they could, and the black flames all instantly disappeared as if snuffed out by wet fingers.

Amidst the screeches of pain and terror at the blinding light emanating from her chest, Amanda was finally able to sit up. Slowly, she slipped off the block of stone to stand upon the floor, her Transformation Pen miraculously in her right hand. Impervious to the blinding light and the deafening screams, she boldly raised her arm as high as she could, the Transformation Pen gleaming in the silvery light, and pronounced the words so familiar from at least a millennium ago:

"Hibiki Star Power, Make-up!"

In less than a second, Amanda disappeared, was momentarily replaced by visible sound waves as if seen through an oscilloscope, and reappeared as Sailor Hibiki. Her whispered "Sonic Scream" was never heard due to the shrieks of terror and pain coming from all around her as she performed the gestures required for the attack, but the sonic blast which emanated from her small mouth rocked the cavern with such force that a large fissure opened directly beneath the black-clad women and the Night Goddess, the Earth swallowing them whole before closing back in upon itself. The cavern ceiling began to break apart, the first large blocks of rubble falling upon those who had kidnapped Beckini earlier in the night.

As the sonic blast subsided, Sailor Hibiki invoked the Sailor Teleport. All around her, the Antarctic complex crumbled rapidly, killing everyone inside... except a gigantic raptor which had not been present before, standing near where the Humans had been standing. The raptor took to the air, doing its best to dodge the crumbling chunks of the complex, shrieking loudly several times as blocks of earth and steel and concrete sliced at its body and wings. Yet as Sailor Hibiki ascended, surrounded by the safety shield of the Sailor Teleport, she lost sight of the raptor, and quickly could no longer hear its cries of pain.

As she made the journey back to France, Sailor Hibiki thought of the gentle voice which had invaded her mind and saved her from an uncertain but likely-unsavory future, and quickly realized that the voice could only have come from Her.

According to reports from CNN International and Le Monde, Amanda "Beckini" Parkinsly was found wandering the streets of Cannes at 4:20AM by two policemen driving by on patrol. She has never publicly given details about how she escaped from her kidnappers, nor their reasons for having taken her from the resort compound. Perhaps more surprising, she has only told Rei Hino about this solo adventure, and none of the other Inner Senshi… not even Lita.

It is rumored that upon her scheduled return to Tokyo several days later, Beckini was locked away in her apartment for nearly two weeks without emerging even once; she took no phone calls, and the mail accumulated in her mailbox at the building's entrance. Upon a visit several weeks later, Rei supposedly commented upon the "incredible power" she felt in the apartment, especially in the living room where Amanda had always kept a small altar.

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