Earth Life

Earth Life

Sailor Hibiki, like all the other senshi and knights throughout the universe at the end of the Silver Millennium, was transported into the future. Born and raised in California as Amanda Becki Parkinsly, she never knew anything about her past life. She was simply a "mundane," the lone child of constantly-fighting parents who attended a language-intensive private school.

Amanda’s father, Derrick Parkinsly, had spent a number of years cultivating his electronics business in San Jose. His single store eventually grew to statewide chain, allowing him to bring home incredible amounts of cash, which was used primarily to assist Amanda in her quest to become a model. However, this was one of the most prominent points of contention between Derrick and his French wife Joséphine, as the latter did not believe that Amanda should be wasting her time and energies on an image-conscious career when her natural baldness countered every major image the media forces females of all ages to accept.

Eventually, Amanda’s parents divorced. Two days prior, Amanda had received her driver’s license; that same day, a Japanese corporation bought her father’s profitable electronics business and immediately requested that he leave the United States and join them at the corporation’s headquarters in Kyoto. Having always felt closer to her father, Amanda moved to Japan, but opted to rent an apartment in Tokyo in hopes of becoming a music and/or acting idol. However, once in Tokyo, a talent scout realized that Amanda’s natural baldness could be marketed in such a way as to thwart the dominant media images of girls and young women.

Now 18 and living alone in Tokyo, Amanda’s father in part pays for her living expenses and her apartment, while Amanda’s modeling career pays the rest of the costs. She is best known worldwide as "Beckini," a merging of her middle name with the bikini-laden swimwear photo shoot which initially made her famous. Yet she has not given up on singing or acting. To date, her non-modeling resume contains only a two-second on-screen spot in a soft drink commercial, and a week as a replacement backup singer for the American all-girl band Toppled Towers when they gave a concert under Tokyo Tower.

At age 18, Amanda is able to drive; she earned her license in the States at age 16, then gained the International License before moving to Japan. She is in the process of converting the International License to a Japanese license, then plans to reapply for an International License for when she travels abroad.

Amanda often hands out in karaoke bars in the evenings, where she hopes to be "discovered" for her singing by a talent scout. During the day, when she is now on a modeling assignment, she practices her singing on her own and auditions for viable positions which might launch her into a career as an idol; however, despite her celebrity status, many people are reluctant to hire her because of her natural baldness. When not singing or modeling, Amanda prefers to watch horror films and read horror novels. Her apartment complex features a workout room for residents and their guests, so Amanda’s mornings usually begin with a 6AM workout.

At 5’7" tall, Amanda is about an inch taller than Lita. She usually dresses quite respectably with a touch of glamour, since she auditions and performs often, but will wear somewhat-revealing outfits depending on the audition or performance needs; often, some part of her outfit is blood-red. She never removes her ring (a silver adjustable ring in the shape of a lightning bolt) except when washing dishes, taking a shower, or swimming. Amanda has definitely developed her muscles after five years of early-morning workouts, yet she still retains a highly-feminine figure.

How Amanda Met the Inner Senshi
It was after the Tokyo Tower concert that Amanda met Rei and Mina; the duo was amazed that Amanda spoke Japanese so fluently. The following day, Amanda met the rest of the Inner Senshi at the temple on Cherry Hill. When Nephlyte was rumored to be attacking innocent schoolchildren in the neighborhood, the Inner Senshi ran off, transformed outside, and rushed to the rescue — but Amanda had seen them transform with their Transformation Pens, realized the purpose of her own Transformation Pen, and transformed so that she could assist. At that battle, the Inner Senshi were all truly amazed (and partially deafened temporarily) at her Hibiki Sonic Scream.

Over the next few months, Amanda/Sailor Hibiki took the role of "mother figure" to the Inner Senshi, forming a special bond with Lita/Sailor Jupiter; when Lita is feeling overly aggressive, it is usually Amanda who can calm her down. Usually, Sailor Hibiki fights alongside Sailor Jupiter. Often, they combine Sailor Hibiki’s Hibiki Sonic Scream attack with Sailor Jupiter’s Jupiter Thunder Crash (but in these instances, Sailor Jupiter — and the other senshi — stand far behind Sailor Hibiki to avoid the loudest portion of her Hibiki Sonic Scream); the Hibiki Sonic Scream further enhances the loud sound of rolling thunder from the Jupiter Thunder Crash, augmenting the overall sonic-electrification effect of the combined attack.

Amanda "Beckini" Parkinsly’s modeling has gained worldwide attention. She is even more identifiable than the top supermodels due to her natural baldness. However, she rarely ever takes bodyguards with her when she leaves the location of a photo shoot, and lives in a normal, ungated apartment complex which does not have security guards.

Beckini has earned the respect of many in the modeling profession. She is also extremely well-behaved — she rarely drinks, does not take drugs, does not spend all night partying, rarely ever sleeps with anyone… However, this information has really not become known to the general public.

While Amanda does lingerie, fashion, and swimwear modeling, she much prefers swimwear (especially bikinis) to anything else. For this reason, she is often traveling to exotic areas for photo shoots. This means that with Amanda’s rising popularity, Sailor Hibiki is less and less available for fighting evil. Furthermore, she is spending less and less time in Tokyo with the Inner Senshi, but she does maintain contact several times per week, usually with Lita.

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