Senshi Powers

Senshi Powers

[Image of Sailor Hibiki]

Except for her incredible appearance and her supernatural abilities (including her Ofuda Strike attack), Amanda Parkinsly cannot access her senshi powers until she transforms.

Hibiki Sonic Scream

Sailor Hibiki’s strongest power is her Hibiki Sonic Scream attack, her only powered attack (the ofuda used in the Ofuda Strike attack are powered at the time of their creation). To form the attack, Sailor Hibiki spins thrice counterclockwise, arms raised, eyes skyward. She stops, facing the target, cupping her hands around her mouth, and blasts a sonic scream at her foe. The "beauty" of this powerful attack is that, like Sailor Pluto’s Dead Scream attack, the attack name is simply whispered, not yelled like the powered attacks of the other senshi; the dramatic difference in sound volume from the barely-audible attack name to the deafening sonic blast can be enough to overwhelm an opponent, regardless of whether the attack actually affects the target. However, Sailor Hibiki has become more reluctant to use this attack recently, as it is sometimes difficult to first place enough distance between herself and the other senshi or knights to safely reduce their danger from the effects of the sonic attack.

Specifically, the primary impact of the Hibiki Sonic Scream is within a cone of ten degrees. All persons (or potentially items) within ten feet of Sailor Hibiki must also defend against damage, especially if prone to distracting sounds, even if they are behind her at the emission of the attack.

Supernatural Training

Amanda Parkinsly/Sailor Hibiki has a strong affinity with the supernatural, primarily through her close association with the goddess Kannon. Specifically, she has studied supernatural forces and is quite aware of their powers, and can often detect the presence of supernatural elements and creatures within a large city (though not necessarily with precision) and avoid surprise attacks. She can create supernatural wards (ofuda) to prevent creatures from entering an area or from attacking Humans, and can exorcise supernatural beings from people or disorient supernatural beings with her Ofuda Strike attack (an unpowered attack). Furthermore, she can return a supernatural entity back to its original realm (where it is sealed away unless released by a superior entity or force), and cannot be directly harmed by a supernatural event or being.

The primary place of power for Amanda/Sailor Hibiki is the living room of her apartment, with the bulk of the positive energies focused in and around the small shrine to Kannon. Her Wicca-based powers also allow her to create a Magick Circle virtually anywhere, giving her a relatively safe and powerful place to work when she is not in her apartment.

Rei Hino/Sailor Mars also possesses Supernatural Training, and she and Amanda Parkinsly/Sailor Hibiki will at times spend time comparing notes, techniques, etc. These two have a very healthy respect for each other’s abilities and knowledge, especially as each works primarily within a different discipline (Shinto for Rei, and Wicca for Amanda).

Destructive Sonic Resonance

While not necessarily an attack, this has the potential to function as one. Rarely used, Sailor Hibiki can emit a sonic blast at a particular pitch which will cause an object (or potentially a living being) to resonate the exact frequency to cause its destruction. Finding the exact frequency required can take time; once the frequency has been found, it can also take time for the destruction to begin, forcing Sailor Hibiki to hold the exact frequency.

Elemental Control: Sound

Sailor Hibiki has the ability to control sound in various ways. She can dramatically raise or lower the volume of up to any five characters in an area, and create total silence within 1km. However, she also has the tremendous ability to cause a sonic wave boom in one or all directions; in this case, total destruction of an area is quite possible, thus she rarely uses this facet of her ability to control sound.

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