Silver Millennium

The Silver Millennium

Unfortunately, Sailor Hibiki does not remember much about her former existence during the Silver Millennium. She has long had recurring nightmares of the destruction of her planet (now the asteroid belt), but only recently, upon meeting Prince Leon (now deceased), did she remember that the Negaverse had destroyed the planet they guarded at the end of the Silver Millennium.

This has driven Sailor Hibiki to try to discover more of her past… but to no success. She has spent considerable time in the past few months attempting to relive that particular past life, to hopefully learn more about how the past has shaped her present. These efforts have included fire readings with Sailor Mars and Sailor Love (in solo and joint sessions), various divination techniques, and various rituals of her own faith. But these efforts have produced nothing which might assist her search for her past.

What is known is that after the destruction of her planet (the name of which Sailor Hibiki can no longer recall), she was afloat in space for several days and quickly growing weaker from lack of food and water. She remembers looking toward the Moon Kingdom, even though she could not discern it at such a great distance, and seeing a bright light rapidly approaching her from its direction. Hundreds of bubble-like orbs rushed toward her…

…and her next memory is of playing in an inflatable wading pool with her friends in California.

If anyone knows of a method which might allow Sailor Hibiki to regain memories of her past, she can be contacted through the webmaster of HibikiWeb.

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