Original Adventures
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Original Adventures

The Sailor Moon campaign I ran was conducted at Philmont Scout Ranch in Summer 2000. This played into the first adventure quite well, as the action effectively ended on the ranch. Unfortunately, the players had to occasionally be reminded that they were using player information, not character information ("Is that the player or the character talking?").

The way the Summer 2000 campaign was played, all action took place in present day (Summer 2000), with the Inner Senshi the same age as they were after defeating Queen Beryl in the television series; in other words, "time-shifting" has taken place in this campaign. Obviously, this means that Reenie, the Outer Senshi, Wiseman, etc., do not exist... yet. However, Awakenings is different...

Awakenings: This is the overview for the anticipated Summer 2001 campaign. Unlike the Summer 2000 campaign, Awakenings does not timeshift the Sailor Moon series. However, Awakenings allows for an incredibly vast array of gaming possibilities, with the location of action literally anywhere across the planet (and beyond?).

Daughter of Mars: The Sailor Moon Role-playing Game and Resource Book includes a potential adventure featuring Sailor Mercury's children ("The Children of Mercury," page 164). I decided to take the general concept of a senshi's child and twist it into an ongoing campaign. In this opening adventure, the players (all older characters, approximately 18-24 years old) work as their own team while the Inner Senshi are occupied with their own struggles with the Negaverse. The action includes an asteroid on a collision course with Earth, the asteroid landing in Wilson Mesa Lake at Philmont Scout Ranch (or wherever the GM decides), and eventually the introduction of Sailor Love.

Discovery: In character creation, the players likely will not create friendships with non-Senshi, non-Knight characters. This adventure fills this potential gap... and the friend could potentially destroy everything the Senshi and Knights have been working toward!!! This could be a standalone adventure, or the beginning of a campaign in which the friend's discovery plays a pivotal role.

Fetch: In an entirely unexpected twist in the Summer 2000 campaign, the players were suddenly given Dark Warrior character sheets and told to create such characters. Only when that was completed did they learn the title and goal of the adventure.

Virtual Training: Conceived as part of the Awakenings campaign, this "adventure" is designed to introduce newcomers to the Sailor Moon RPG system. For the players, the overall "feel" of Virtual Training is similar to the many incarnations of Toon Olympics for the cartoon-based Toon RPG.

Advancement Points
At the end of each adventure or gaming session, advancement points were given, usually following the guidelines below:

  • At the end of each session (if not a one-shot adventure), each player received 1 point. In a multi-session adventure, an addition point was given to each player at the completion of the adventure if the player was present at all sessions.
  • At the end of a one-shot adventure, each player received two advancements points.
  • Any exceptional role-playing or outstanding creativity (such as Prince Leon whisking the players off to the Negaverse seconds before the asteroid in Daughter of Mars crashed on Earth) was given either 1 or 2 extra points.
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