Aval Wolf

Aval Wolf

Dark Warrior Identity: Aval Wolf
Greater Power Served: Small shrine in cave near home
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Stat/Value Normal Special
Body Stat 9  
Mind Stat 9  
Soul Stat 12  
Attack Combat Value 10  
Defense Combat Value 10 +2 Forcefield (Special Defense)

Derived Values Normal
Health Points 140
Energy Points 140
Character Attributes and Senshi Sub-Attributes
Character Attribute Dark Warrior Sub-Attribute Lvl Pts Per Lvl Pt Cost Notes
Dark Powers   3 5 15 52 points for sub-attributes
  Environmental Control 4 4 16 Lava/Volcanoes
  Negaverse Attack (Primary) 6 4 24 Volcanic Eruption (60 dmg)
  Negaverse Attack (Secondary) 4 1 4 Lava Spout (40 dmg)
  Negaverse Attack (Tertiary) 3 1 3 Lava Seep (30 dmg)
  Negaverse Magic 1 2 2 1-3 spells
  Summon/Control Servant 2 2 4 Harem: Kynia, Allisyn, Lizani, and Binka
Appearance   2 1 2 Quite attractive
Damn Healthy!   3 1 3 +30HP
Divine Relationship   1 1 1 Reroll any dice roll once per session
Energy Bonus   3 1 3 +30EP
Massive Damage   4 2 8 +20 damage
Special Defense   2 2 4 Forcefield (character only) stops 30 dmg; +2 DCV
Character Defects
Bonus Points Defect and Notes
1BP Awkward
2BP Item Dependency: Shrine in cave near home
1BP Special Requirement: Return occasionally to shrine
2BP Weakened Dark Powers
Items and Possessions
Items of Power and Their Descriptions: All power comes from shrine in small cave near home (if shrine destroyed, Aval Wolf and The Harem all disappear)
Other Cool Stuff: Keeps The Harem to do his "dirty work" for him
Money and Personal Possessions: Wealth from stolen money and items, but lives rather poorly
Physical Traits
Distinguishing Marks: Black
Personal Information
Age: 22
Favorite Color: Black and orange
Favorite Duty: Stealing
Favorite Place: Anywhere near volcanoes
Favorite Hobby: Stealing
Romantic Interests: The Harem
True Allies: The Harem
Manifesto and Philosophy: Keep low profile, have The Harem do most of work
Outlook on Life
Yoma and Other Monsters: Potential allies, but prefers to work solely within The Harem
The Sailor Scouts: #@$W#^&%#(*$%^#Q&!!!!!
Spirituality: Total loyalty to spirit enshrined in cave near home
Names Important Notes
Allissyn Skills in demolitions, electronics, seduction, and stealth
Binka Skills in forgery, seduction, stealth, and urban tracking
Kynia Skills in burglary, computers, seduction, and stealth
Lizani Skills in driving, poisons, seduction, and stealth
Warrior Training
Specialty: Lava/Volcanoes
Special Allies
Name: The Harem (see Friends/Allies above)
Description: Four young women, with various skills useful in crimes, who are extremely loyal to Aval Wolf
Relationship: Servants, also all linked to shrine in cave near home

Special Notes

Aval Wolf's entire existence comes from a shrine - accidentally knocked open by a minor cave-in due to the tremors from a nearby volcano - in a small cave near his home. While the police do not know that he is the mastermind behind the robberies plaguing the region, they know that his four young henchwomen - all teenage girls who swoon over him - are responsible. No one knows exactly what happens with the stolen money and items, as Aval Wolf - who seems to others to be a typical guy - seems to live rather poorly, except for his clothing and his collection of French films.
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