Original Characters

Original Characters

[Image of the Inner and Outer Senshi, Sailor Chibi-Moon, Tuxedo Mask, the Sailor Starlights, and Luna and Artemis with Diana]

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Most of these characters generally follow the 14-page character sheets given in the Character Diaries, also created by The Guardians of Order, with relevant notes and additions given. Please keep in mind that not all of these characters presented here have been completely thought out. The characters presented here are mostly unplayed; the lone exceptions are Amanda Parkinsly/Sailor Hibiki, Leo/Prince Leon, and the Dust Bunny. Any of these characters can be freely modified as necessary for your particular whims or needs; however, please contact me (FEATHER7@IX.NETCOM.COM) if you add something really special to a character :-)

[Hotaru plagued by the cats]It is assumed that all senshi have either a pocket communicator or a wrist communicator, thus these are not mentioned on the character sheets unless they also serve a specific function or take on a different form (perhaps a necklace communicator). Also, many of the characters presented here are rather powerful; the characters used in the Summer 2000 campaign all began with a high number of character points: 20+1d10+3 (20 base points to begin with, plus 1d10, plus 3 more points if the player created a convincing background story with good detail, using the 14-page character sheet as a guide).

Amanda Parkinsly/Sailor Hibiki: Personally my favorite character, Amanda is a 19-year-old horror-loving model struggling to become an idol; Sailor Hibiki controls the element of sound quite well, and is a mother figure to the Inner Senshi. Sonic Scream, her only attack, is quite unique; this is reflected in the special detail given to the attack description. Also included is a character sheet for Amanda Parkinsly/Sailor Hibiki based on the Big Eyes Small Mouth (BESM) RPG. Sailor Hibiki is the official spokeperson of The Sailor Moon RPG Site, with special thanks to HibikiWeb.

Chisato "Otaqueen" Moriyama/Sailor Otaku: Those familiar with Otaku no Video will definitely recognize the "Otaqueen" reference and can probably guess this character's main interest. Since anime plays such a major role in using this character, only those who are extremely familiar with anime should use this character. Note that since Chisato is part of the Sailor Moon universe by being used in the Sailor Moon RPG, it is best to not use any Sailor Moon references (outside the context of the adventure itself) when playing this character.

Lain Takegama/Sailor Cyberia: A character inspired by the unusual and excellent anime series Serial Experiments Lain, Sailor Cyberia has a pair of extremely unique and (almost literally) mind-blowing attacks... but she is susceptible to computer viruses!!!

Sakura Smythe/Sailor Monou: A character inspired by Kazumi from the hilarious Haunted Junction anime series, Sakura Smythe/Sailor Monou is also often possessed by spirits; she cannot stop spirits from possessing her, but she can usually end the possession. Sakura is often ostracized by other, fully-Japanese students, given that she is only half-Japanese; her father is American. She is the only known senshi at the private Gorendo Academy, so her only real friends at school are an exchange student from the States and the daughter of a high-ranking officer at the French Embassy.

Shinda L'Ame/Sailor Soul: This is a character created using the Random Hero(ine)s Template. Sailor Soul is a character best used following the Daughter of Mars adventure. This is a quiet, mysterious character from Future Mars who has an entourage of twenty large rats (led by Gan). Like Sailor Neptune, she also has a special mirror; the Mirror of Souls has many powers, including communication with sympathetic souls (if any) in the area, and also functions like a Transformation Wand and a communicator.

Sylvie Castelet/Sailor Kaaji: Another personal favorite character, Sailor Kaaji is based in part upon Miyu from the Vampire Princess Miyu OAVs and TV series. She is proficient with a sword... and was born in 1776!!!!! This is a character with a highly unique background story, but she could potentially be extremely difficult to role-play as intended, especially for (extreme) extroverts; for details, please carefully read the Special Notes. Sylvie Castelet/Sailor Kaaji prefers to stay away from Humans, thus she may be more suitable to use as an NPC, or played by someone whose schedule permits very limited active participation in a campaign (she could simply "show up" on occasion because of an innate sense of danger).

"Senshi Sisters:" This duo lives in Chicago and is part of a large extended family which has become fairly rich in the construction business, primarily via contracts with the City.
  • Alexia ("Alex") Storm/Sailor Bruiser: Who says girls are supposed to be delicate and gentle!?!?! How about a girl who is a loud, strong, stubborn kickboxer who is always (too?) eager to jump into action and much prefers hand-to-hand combat over magic-based attacks? (Has Rei finally met her match?)
  • Lace Storm/Sailor Lace: They may be sisters with only one year separating them in age, but they could not be any more different. Lace is almost the exact opposite of Alex... to the extent that she has very limited combat experience and actively avoids combat as much as possible. She is also extremely studious, as much as Ami Mizuno.

Senshi/Knight Mixes
Demie Hanbún/Half: Created in part using the Random Hero(ine)s Template, Demie is a most unusual character: She is from Future Earth, and is the fusion of fraternal twins, one a Senshi and one a Knight. Caught in a strange time current, she is now stuck in modern-day Tokyo, where she is somewhat close to Rei Hino/Sailor Mars.

Leo/Prince Leon: For those who believe that really ultra-powerful characters simply cannot be created in the Sailor Moon system, this is a must-see character!!!!! This character was played in the Summer 2000 campaign and submitted by Lowell Merkling.

Marc LeGris/Grey Warrior: This French-born F1 test driver is a bit protective of Rei/Sailor Mars, but is not always available to help fight evil due to his driving duties. However, he is a worthy ally whenever present.

Negaverse and Other Dark Characters
Aval Wolf: In a more mundane twist from the standard Sailor Moon universe, Aval Wolf and The Harem steal money and things of value. However, they appear to live a rather poor lifestyle. Their entire existence is directly linked to the small shrine in a cave near their home. While none of The Harem has any "supernatural abilities" of their own, Aval Wolf is proficient in controlling lava and volcanoes.

Dark Traveler: He has left the Negaverse and is homeless in Tokyo. He is a "vampire" in the sense that he requires at least 30 points of Human energy per day in order to survive. When yoma appear in his area, he defeats them, and thus sees the senshi as potential allies... if he can first gain their trust. Note: This character is not to be confused with Dark Star, the one who cursed Sylvie Castelet/Sailor Kaaji.

NPCs (Non-player Characters)
Chisato Manomato/Sailor Crisis: This "senshi" is actually a creation of the Night Goddess, and has learned to mimic the abilities of knights and senshi.

Dust Bunny: This is a character sheet which shows an easy modification for the usual "group" nature of Dust Bunnies. Claws, bites, dust sprays... and inherent allergenic abilities.

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