D-link: SenshiTV

D-link: SenshiTV

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Designed to give site visitors a quick visual notification of recent updates to the site, the SenshiTV module is created using HTML and a single gif image to simulate an old-time television with VHF and UHF knobs. Along the bottom center of the television is "Otaku Electronics," as if this fictitious company created the television.

The SenshiTV screen is actually a Flash 4 module. As the module loads, "Preparing for Broadcast" is faintly displayed upon simulated television "snow."

At this point, a randomizing function selects one of three SenshiTV promotional clips to play:
  1. A faded Sailor Moon logo is displayed overlayed with "SenshiTV." Both are unmasked, displayed for several seconds, then remasked.
  2. Sailor Hibiki's head fades in in the lower-right corner of the screen, as a spotlight effect unmasks "SenshiTV" as it roams around the screen, then enlarges to show all of "SenshiTV." Seconds later, Sailor Hibiki fades out while "SenshiTV" is remasked.
  3. This is similar to the first promotional clip, but the unmasking and remasking occur from left to right.

Updated Intrasite Links: A Macromedia Flash icon fades up in the center of the screen, "Updated Intrasite Links" scrolls up the screen, then the icon fades.

New Character: Sailor Monou: "New Character" scrolls across the top of the screen as "Sailor Monou" zooms in from the bottom-right, centers and holds, then zooms out to the bottom-left of the screen.

The module then repeats, skipping the "Preparing to Broadcast" preloader. Each time, a SenshiTV promotional clip is chosen at random, while all the update information is shown in order.

[Image: Hotaru wearing a black two-piece swimsuit with an oversized top and wrapping herself in a large towel]

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