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Major changes:
The Guardians of Order, which publishes the Sailor Moon RPG series, is shifting its focus to fan guides to supplement its Big Eyes, Small Mouth general-anime RPG series.

This site is dedicated to the Sailor Moon Role-playing Game (SMRPG), published by The Guardians of Order. After five years of devoted fandom to the television series (both in France and in the United States), the three films (the subtitled versions, released in the States by Pioneer), a Sailor Moon musical, and a summer spent in part running a Sailor Moon campaign, I have decided to post some of the adventures and characters I have particularly enjoyed. Hopefully, this site will provide others with inspiration for original Sailor Moon characters and adventures.

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Please note that this site is in no way associated with The Guardians of Order.

[Image: Luna has drawn a fat Usagi]Something to consider, primarily for those new to role-playing games: While the SMRPG system officially uses only two six-sided dice (2d6), having other gaming dice available (d4, d10, etc.) can be quite handy, especially for those new to RPGs who eventually begin playing other systems which require the "extra" dice. For example, if four players (as senshi) are fighting a yoma and the yoma's attack is successful, rolling a 1d4 can randomly determine which of the players must defend or suffer damage. The beauty of this is that the players cannot potentially accuse the Game Master of unjustly targeting someone in particular or favoring a player (but a good GM never does this anyhow).

As with all role-playing games, pencils are a must!!! Similarly, I personally never participate in any RPG (as the GM or as a player) without having graph paper handy; I find this especially useful for map designs and floorplans. Also, if the adventure takes place in a real-world location which the players might not know very well (if at all), providing one or two maps can help them to better visualize the adventure; maps can be purchased for major cities, or printed from various sites on the Internet (see Personal GM Philosophy for links to Japan and Tokyo maps on the Web and for notes on GM-created maps).

Finally, before gameplay begins, everyone involved should see at least a dozen or so episodes of the Sailor Moon series to ensure some familiarity with the characters, their actions and motivations, etc; this is especially important if the adventure or campaign takes place within a particular season of the Sailor Moon television series. If possible, everyone should also see the three Sailor Moon films for the same reason, plus the fact that the Outer Senshi are introduced in the Sailor Moon S and Sailor Moon Super S films. If a campaign is to take place within the final season of the series, I strongly suggest that all participants watch the first six episodes at a bare minimum, as that sets up the final six episodes of the series and also provides an excellent divergence point for the GM.

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