September 11 Tribute

September 11 Tribute

When the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, began, I was still asleep, living in Tucson, Arizona, which has a three-hour time difference from the East Coast in summer. When I did wake up, I had so much to do before going to class that instead of turning on CNN like I usually do in the morning, I went straight to the computer and began working on a short paper due that morning. Eventually, I had time to almost literally inhale breakfast, then run to the university bookstore before going to class.

As I crossed campus, I noticed that everyone seemed subdued; most everyone I saw seemed to be surrounded by a dark cloud of gloom. Still not knowing about the events on the East Coast, I simply shrugged it off as just a generally "off" day for everyone.

Only when I arrived at the bookstore did I learn what had happened - and what was still happening. It was then just after 9:30AM in Tucson (12:30PM on the East Coast), and I was surprised to see a large crowd standing around in a corner of the bookstore. I noticed NBC's Tom Brokaw was on the air (odd at that time of day), but I was not at all focusing on him or what he was saying; at that very moment, NBC was not showing images from New York City or Washington, D.C. It was only when I had found the book I needed and was paying the cashier that I asked what was going on... and that was when I learned of the terrible tragedies unfolding on the East Coast.

All the "odd" things I had witnessed in that twenty minutes since I had left my apartment suddenly made sense... and I really wished that it didn't. From then until I arrived at class, I was in somewhat of a daze myself, certainly with a dark cloud of gloom surrounding me. Arriving at class, the professor said she wanted to meet with everyone first to discuss the morning's events for a few minutes. After a thirty-minute class discussion, we all agreed to go home. I found out later that the other students had done as I did upon arriving at our apartments: We all watched the news networks, mesmerized yet disgusted at the terrible images and sounds played and replayed and replayed and replayed and replayed on our television sets.

Since then, I have been wondering what I could do to help myself heal. At first, being a Media Arts student, focusing on the media coverage of the attacks and their aftermath - and the Hollywood-like images constantly shown on the small screen - certainly helped. Yet it still did not seem to be enough.

Several months later, while working on a separate class project, I was listening to music from various anime (Japanese animation) soundtracks to select appropriate music to use. While listening to "National Anthem of Macross" from the Macross Plus series/film, I realized it would be the perfect music to use for a tribute to the victims and survivors of the September 11 terrorist attacks. After several hours collecting images from the World Wide Web, and several more hours designing the Flash file and this Web site, the tribute is complete.

This is simply my small contribution toward the collective healing process of Americans and of Humanity. If this short presentation helps even one person to feel a little better about the tragic events of September 11, 2001, then my efforts have not been in vain.

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