Toon Olympics: Target Shooting [Image of Usagi in silhouette]

Target Shooting

Each player in turn is given one chance to hit a target of a particular size at a particular distance; there are a total of five targets. For each target, the player may use one of four weapons, and players are permitted to change weapons between targets. However, if a player targets anything or anyone other than the designated target, that player forfeits the round. For each target successfully hit, the player receives x Event Points. The person with the most Event Points after all 5 rounds are completed is the winner, and receives 1 Plot Point.

Available Weapons:
Weapon Damage
Bow and Arrow 1d4
Handgun 1d6
Plasma Blaster 1d10
Grenade Launcher 1d20

Target Number Distance Size Event Points
1 20 feet 10 feet 25
2 50 feet 3 feet 25
3 50 feet 10 feet 50
4 20 feet 3 feet 10
5 100 feet 6 inches 100

Rolls on each attempt (on a target):
Roll #1 Roll vs. Fire Gun to fire/use weapon
Roll #2 "Defend" against bodily damage

• If damaged, use weapons damage table above

Toon Olympics Introduction

Toon Olympics Events

  1. Drag Race
  2. Target Shotting
  3. Kayaking
  4. Weightlifting
  5. Hurdles
  6. Strength Test
  7. Combat
  8. Projectile Vomiting
  9. Diving
  10. Tag

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