Toon Olympics: Kayaking


[Image of Totoro with friend]Note: Provide "Kayaking on the Toon River" map for player reference.

The Kayaking event takes place on the Toon River, which has chiseled its way down and through the Toon Canyon over the past several days. The canyon walls range from 500 feet (at the Start Line) to 1500 feet tall (at the Finish Line). There are no plantlife and no pathways or ledges to give access to the top of the canyon.

The winner is the first person to cross the finish line in the kayak. The player must all remain in the kayak at all times; portaging and other tactics are permitted if the player can remain inside the kayak.

Each player will encounter up to five obstacles on this stretch of the Toon River. At each obstacle, a successful Drive Vehicle roll means the player has cleared the obstacle safely. However, a failed Drive Vehicle roll means the player has fallen out of the kayak, is out of the competition, and must take damage (depending on the obstacle involved).

In the intervals between obstacles, players may attack each other, but all attacks and defenses suffer a 2 penalty. Anyone attacking or defending must also roll vs. Drive Vehicle at a 2 penalty to determine if he/she can remain in the kayak while interacting with other players.

Each player who crosses the Finish Line and survives the final obstacle located at the line is a winner and receives 1 Plot Point. In this event, ties are allowed.

Obstacle Description Damage
A 20-foot waterfall 1d4
B Rapids 1d4
Note Players can either take the left fork or the right fork (C or D) here; neither C nor D obstacles are visible from the fork point N/A
C 150-foot waterfall 1d10
D 150-foot open dam 1d10
Note The two forks of the Toon River rejoin here N/A
E Boulders falling from the top of the canyon 1d20
Finish Line Finish Line lined with small-but-powerful floating mines 1d100

[Map: Kayaking on the Toon River]
Provide this map (or something similar) for player reference

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