Toon Olympics: Combat
[Image of San wearing a mask and wielding a knife as she jumps into combat]


Note: Character sheets are for Animator reference; images (included with each character sheet) may be needed for those players unfamiliar with the characters they are fighting

In this event, the players can truly play out their characters against a random anime opponent (rolled on 1d12). Each player receives 1 opportunity to fight an opponent. If the player kills the opponent, the player receives 1 Plot Point; if the opponent kills the player, the player is eliminated from the event. All those who kill their opponent are deemed winners and receive the aforementioned 1 Plot Point.

Note: There are several "mundane" weapons (wooden chairs, lengths of metal pipe, etc.) scattered around the outer edges of the combat field (along the walls holding back the spectators). Available weapons are up to Animator's ultimate discretion (if a nuclear missile is considered "mundane," then so be it!!!).

Random Anime Combat Opponent (Rolled on 1d12):
Roll Opponent
1 Miyu (from Vampire Princess Miyu TV series)
2 Marie (from My Dear Marie/Metal Angel Marie OAVs)
3 Yuri (from the original Dirty Pair OAV and TV series)
4 Yohko (from Devil Hunter Yohko series)
5 Game Machine Man (a Sailor Moon yoma)
6 Rally Vincent (from Gun Smith Cats series)
7 B-ko
8 Gally (from the Gunnm/Battle Angel series)
9 San/Mononoke-Hime
10 AstroBoy
11 Sawa (from the Kite OAV)
12 Speed Racer (in Mach 5)

Toon Olympics Introduction

Toon Olympics Events

  1. Drag Race
  2. Target Shotting
  3. Kayaking
  4. Weightlifting
  5. Hurdles
  6. Strength Test
  7. Combat
  8. Projectile Vomiting
  9. Diving
  10. Tag

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