Toon Olympics: Diving


[Image of Yohko Mano wearing a swimsuit patterned after her Devil Hunter outfit]In this classic cartoon event, players will dive head-first from a given height into a glass of water. Adding more thrills and spills to the event, the glass of water is surrounded by a field of spikes, each 1m tall. In each successive round, the diving platform is raised to new heights, allowing the comedy to sink to new depths. The winner is the last person to successfully dive into the glass of water and refrain from drowning; this person will receive one Plot Point. Ties are permitted in this event.

Diving Platform Height:
Round Height
1 1m
2 10m
3 100m
4 1000m
5 10,000m
6 100,000m
Etc. Etc.


  • Roll vs. Jump
    • If fail: 1d10 damage from spikes, out of event
    • If successful: roll vs. Swim to see if hold breath long enough while being pried out of glass of water
      • If fail: drown and die, out of event

Toon Olympics Introduction

Toon Olympics Events

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