Toon Olympics: Tag


Note: The Animator may wish to provide an image of Kiki and Jiji (her companion and advisor cat) for those players unfamiliar with them.

This event takes place in ToonTown, located about 1km from Toon Stadium. The players all line up on the sidewalk in Downtown ToonTown, near the intersection of Hilarity Boulevard and Insanity Avenue. When the signal is given, Kiki (from Kiki’s Delivery Service) - on her broom with Jiji and playing the radio (reference Kiki opening credits sequence) - flies past the competitors across the intersection. Beware of pedestrians, vehicular traffic, buildings, unexpected volcanic eruptions, and other random obstacles of ToonTown. Players may wish to attack each other, but in doing so will forfeit any pursuit of Kiki in that round; a player may defend against any one incoming attack or an obstacle in a given round.

This event has a thirty-minute time limit (real-time), requiring fast decisions and actions from all competitors. The winner is the first player (if any) to physically touch Kiki, as in a game of Tag, and will receive 1 Plot Point.

SPECIAL NOTE: Two bonus Plot Points will be given to the player who is the first to physically touch BOTH Jiji and Kiki.

[Image of Kiki flying above a seaside town on a broom with her cat Jiji]
Kiki and Jiji

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