The (Unofficial) Anime Canon

The (Unofficial) Anime Canon

[Image of Lain wired to the Wired]While many varied anime films, series, and OAVs have their popularity among otaku, there are certain anime titles which many would consider to be part of the anime canon. Unfortunately, I have yet to see an "official" anime canon published anywhere, so this list must suffice for now.

The titles presented here are the titles about which I have heard the most discussion and debates, and for which general fandom seems to be impressively huge. Some titles are here for their groundbreaking or historical status. Please note that some of these titles (or parts of their respective series) have never been available commercially in the States.

Where is the hentai (adult-oriented anime with largely sexual content)?
Hentai titles are not included in this list, primarily because I know rather little concerning hentai, and also because some consider hentai as separate from general anime.

Certainly not an anime title, but highly influential to anime and often referenced, Blade Runner cannot be overlooked as a part of the anime canon.

This is admittedly a somewhat subjective list of those titles comprising the anime canon. Please feel free to e-mail me with suggestions, comments, criticisms, etc.: FEATHER7@IX.NETCOM.COM

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