Anime on Television and Cable

Anime on Television and Cable

[Image of Priss, Nene, Linne, and Sylia from Bubblegum Crisis 2040]The 1980s saw several anime series come to American television; while they were not generally recognized at the time as "anime," they gained great popularity with the American audience. Now, numerous anime series are shown on American television and cable stations, with some series sporting videotapes and DVDs of episodes and/or films soon after they initially air (as with the examples of the Sailor Moon and Gundam Wing series). Note that this list does not include anime nights or festivals shown by local stations across the country.

Anime on
Sailor Hibiki on TV
Television and Cable
Cartoon Network:
Classic Zoids

Cowboy Bebop

Gundam 0083

Dragon Ball Z

Outlaw Star

Pilot candidate

Tenchi Muyo!

Tenchi Universe

Yu Yu Hakusho


Cartoon Network:
   Toonami Reactor
(Anime on the Web!!!)
Daft Punk

Harlock Saga


Cinemax Shows a variety of anime at midnight
Encore’s Action Channel Shows various anime series on a rotating basis.
Fox Family Channel Monster Rancher
Fox Kids Digimon


Mon Colle Knights

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Independent Film Channel Various anime titles shown on a rotating basis
International Channel Dragon Ball Z (unedited)

Irresponsible Captain Tylor


Kids’ WB Pokémon
ShowTime Occasionally shows an anime feature film
Telemundo Dragon Ball Z (dubbed in Spanish)
Local TV Some local stations show anime on particular nights and/or hold occasional anime festivals; check local listings. Also, periodically check local access cable channels, especially late at night.

Sources: Animerica, Volume 10, Number 4, page 23

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Anime on Television and Cable
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